The local Lake Improvement District (LID) has released its annual report of the water levels and clarity of the Chisago Lakes area lakes. The LID has been doing a great job lately partnering with the Chisago Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in getting some State match funding to help eliminate some of the worst polluting spots in the lakes area. The LID started off as an entity to construct the lake leveling system after water levels rose and caused widespread flooding back in the mid 1980s. After they paid off the bond that was created to pay for the leveling system, the LID was at a crossroads on what to do with the tax money that had been levied to pay the bond. It was decided that they would change their mission to become an entity that would work on area lake water quality and improving the recreational opportunities on the lakes. It has been a big success in my opinion and the clarity reports seem to agree. I'm attaching the reports for your information. These can be useful when shopping for lakehomes in the area, the better the clarity the more desirable and valuable properties on these lakes tend to be. 

Lake Improvement District Annual Reports

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Annual Reports

Lake Water Quality Monitoring Annual Report