Great news! The improvement of the channel between North Lindstrom and North Center Lakes has finally been approved and will start construction this summer!!!. This is great news for the area. I personally have been working with the Chisago Lakes Restoration Association and the Lake Improvement Board for many years to achieve this goal along with many others. We started off as an informal group meeting at the Dinnerbel each month and lobbied first for the bridge between North and South Center, then the bridge between North and South Lindstrom. The first two were a little easier since it was a State Highway and State funds are a little easier to get for a new bridge. We had a daunting task with County Road 20 and often wondered if we would ever accomplish our dream of connecting all the lakes in the chain so you could boat between them. The new bridge is just north of Lindstrom and will raise the deck of the bridge from zero feet above Ordinary High Water  to 6 1/2 feet. The channel will not be dredged due to concerns about the possibility of modifying lake levels on North and South Center but history has shown that the new channel should be usable for about 60% of the time during fluctuating water levels that the lakes are famous for. 

This brings up a great reason why one of our experienced agents could be invaluable in your search for a lakeshore property in the area. All of our agents live or have owned property on the Chisago Lakes chain for many years. We have seen these lakes at their lowest and their highest. The lakes are notorious for fluctuating water levels since before European settlement in the mid 1800s. What might look like appealing lakeshore could be weeds and stumps during different water levels. Using one of our experienced and knowledgeable agents could save you from making a big mistake when buying area lakeshore.